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Getting motivated when beginning a new weight loss or exercise program is the easy part. Staying motivated when things get tough not so much. Learn exactly.
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Dating tips that every introvert needs to know.

It's time to get on trackTOGETHER!!! Join my Weight Loss Challenge! – Blogilates

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Super Weight Loss challenge has begun!

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It’s time to get on track…TOGETHER!!! Join my Weight Loss Challenge!

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YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #5 - 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

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Ageism is a much ignored condition. Stress is contagious. Here's how you can prevent it from spreading!

Why you should bond over lunch. Quiz: Are you plain sad or battling depression? Write down everything you eat. Yes, everything! Any app or even pencil and paper will work just fine, but we recommend MyFitnessPal. Plan to get enough sleep. We recommend six to eight hours per night. If that feels like too big of a step, work on your sleep hygiene to improve your quality of sleep. Eat more natural, whole foods and less processed foods. Shop on the outer perimeter of your grocery store aiming for whole fruits and vegetables, carbs that are brown and close to the ground, and quality fats and proteins.

Drink more water and fewer caloric beverages. Yes, that includes wine and other alcoholic beverages as well as those fancy little creamers that go in coffee. Slow down! Meals should last at least 20 minutes. Yes, minutes. Your coaches will help you discover the reason why slowing down is so important and how you can add a minute or two to your meals each week.

In six weeks, you will be savoring your meals like a Parisian. Exercise a minimum of minutes a week. That includes cardio or strength exercises. If you exercise five days a week, aim for getting 30 minutes a day. Look for invites from your coaches for team workouts. We will help in this process. We ask that you check in twice a week with yourself and your coach using the email survey that will be sent to you and contribute once a week in the Facebook group.

That means commenting, asking questions or sharing advice. Participants who complete all 3 digital check-ins 2 survey responses, one Facebook interaction will be eligible for the weekly drawing done on Wednesdays. There will be a winner from each location!