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It's weeks away from here! Ren stops once he is far enough into the cave to have a good look at what's there. Nora catches up to him and becomes alarmed at what she sees. In the spacious area, weapons speckle every place you can look. Swords, axes and staffs are all either propped up or on the ground.

Ren moves in and picks up an arrow. He studies it while Nora approaches just behind him. As she looks he also sees what's on the ground It is pointed toward another opening on the opposite end of the cave. Several trees are outside this opening, just below. One at a time, moving away from the cave where Ren can be soon looking out, the trees shake.

Before the two of them are the shaking trees and the abandoned village of Kuroyuri.

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Nora takes his hand and he returns the grip before the scene cuts to black. The Nuckelavee roars. Sign In Don't have an account?


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Start a Wiki. For the village of the same name, see Kuroyuri. Contents [ show ]. Ozpin : voice only I'm sorry. Ozpin : Well I suppose that's good. Oscar : No. It's scary. When he gets there, he walks up to a large machine with a screen on it, which reads : "Welcome! Scan Lien to begin. Ozpin : I'm afraid you'll have to solve this one on your own.

Oscar suddenly becomes more alert. Oscar : Huh? Ozpin : hushed tone Be on your guard. Oscar : What do you mean? Hazel : Here. Hazel : Don't let such a small obstacle block your path. He resumes on his way, while Oscar watches. Oscar : That man. I felt Who is he? A train horn is heard in the distance. Ozpin : Someone from my past.

Someone who should not be taken lightly. Jaune : Oh, man. Ruby : Come on. They continue forward. Ruby : Any of these places look like a pharmacy? Jaune : It's Among the ruins is an abandoned bicycle. Jaune :Uh Ruby : Do you know Jaune : sighs I think I have a pretty good idea Ren : I've found a flower on the water! An : Oh, I see! Ren rushes over to his mother. Ren : Can we take it home and plant it in the garden? An : Oh no, sweetheart, that flower lives here.

Ren looks down dejectedly and An rubs his head. Ren : taking it Yes. An : Do you think you'll know what he wants? Ren : I think An : with a chuckle Why did you have to inherit my sass? Ren : What can I buy with this? Young Blacksmith : chuckling Well, something just your size. Ren deflates in disappointment at being unable to buy a new weapon for his father.

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He next waits in line at a liquor merchant. Ren : Sake, please. Tall Boy : Hey, get back here! Tall Boy : Where'd you get that bread? I didn't see you pay for it, thief! Short Boy : No, look, it's all moldy! Tall Boy : I think she got it from the trash! Medium Boy : reaching out Lemme see!

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  6. Nora bites his finger before he can touch the bread. Medium Boy : Ah! She bit me! Short Boy : Where'd she come from? Ren watches, taking a few uncertain steps forward. Short Boy : She's dressed all weird! Tall Boy : I bet she's abandoned!

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    Like a dog or something! Medium Boy : Does that mean I have rabies? Ren : Father? Li : What is happening here? Li : to Ren Do you wish to run with the rest of them? Ren is standing upright, but he lowers his face in response. Li puts his hand on his son's shoulder and lowers to one knee. Li leaves. Ren watches briefly and turns away thoughtfully.

    Jaune walks up to Ruby in the ruins of Kuroyuri. Both are looking dejected. Jaune : Nothing. Ruby : We should get back to Qrow. Ruby : It's far off. Jaune : I know, but Ren and Nora are still out there. Ruby looks at Qrow before standing and approaching Jaune. Ruby : I'm sorry.

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    Jaune : Huh? He turns around to face her, though she is not looking up. Ruby : This is all my fault. I should have never dragged you guys into this. Jaune : You didn't drag us in.

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    We wanted to come. Ruby : But you didn't know about Tyrian , about— Jaune : cutting her off Ruby. Ruby turns to face Jaune, and becomes emotional as he continues. Jaune : Because you felt like you could make a difference. She lifts her head and looks at him. Jaune : You didn't drag us along. You gave us the courage to follow you. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She smiles at him, grateful, and he smiles back.

    An : rushing in Lie, get up. We have to go. Ren : tired and uncertain Mother? An : grabbing his arm and pulling him up Now, right now, okay? Let's go! An : Li! Li : An, what are you doing?! We need to hurry! An : We can go to the safehouse! An : What? Ren : Mother? An gets down to her knees to make eye contact with Ren. An : It's OK, darling. Everything's OK. Where's Mother? Li is bleeding profusely from above his left eye. A woman nearby screams. Ren : What's going on?! Where is Mother? Ren : Father! Everyone runs past them as Li pushes himself up slightly.

    Li : Lie, you have to run. Ren : moving to his father No. Get up! Li : Listen to me, son. You have to be brave now. Do you understand? Ren : shaking his head No, please. Please, I can't! Li withdraws a knife from its sheath on his hip. Li : Yes, you can! Li : Take action, son. Getting to his feet, Li looks down at his son.

    Li : Your mother and I love you. Lie : gripping the knife tighter and fighting tears Father The Nuckelavee stomps on the ground behind them. Li turns and readies his bow. Li : on a cough Go! Li : Run! Ren runs and Li lets loose arrow after arrow at the towering Grimm. Ren lets out a calm breath as color returns. Ren : putting his hand on her shoulder Hey! Ren : We have to be brave. The Nevermore cries above them, leaning down its head closer to the ground.

    Nora : I'm scared Ren : Me, too. Ren : It's OK. Ren : We'll keep each other safe. Ren : What's your name? Nora : Nora. Ren : My name's Lie Ren. He smiles at her, blinking. Ren : to Nora, as she comes up behind him We never get the easy path, do we? Nora : putting her hands behind her head Easy's no fun anyway. She drops her hands and turns to him. Nora : You OK? Ren : with a nod Mmm. And you? Nora : I've got you here, don't I?

    Ren looks at her as if he does not know what to make of her response. Nora : Hey! There's wind blowing out of this cave! Leaves blow outward toward them.

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    Nora : Think it might lead to the peak? Ren : I suppose there's only one way to find ou—ah! Ren : Yes, yes. Very funny. Nora : Hey, what's wrong? Ren : This is the symbol for Shion Village. Ren drops the fabric and runs into the cave. Nora : Ren! Nora : Oh my gosh Ren : shaking his head No PisceanWaterbender wrote:Right along the lines of Ren seemingly being able to teleport. He doesn't teleport, he ''mo The thread is ready Imagine a little boy sitting in a swing.

    This child's slightly older brother begins to push his brother in the swing. At first, the younger brother is delighted. Then his brother pushes the swing harder. The younger brother begins to become afraid. He cries to his brother to stop. The older brother pushes even harder. The younger child begins to scream and cry. This scene is analogous to trusting in the Spirit.

    When the wind of the Spirit blows our swing, it can be delightful. However, if the Holy Spirit pushes harder, we might become afraid. Because of our fears, we can refuse to let the wind of the Spirit lift us up to the heights. The Holy Spirit swung Paul so hard that he was sent to be a missionary to the Gentiles see Acts The cross is the ultimate push of the Holy Spirit. We are naturally afraid to be lifted up to the cross. Tomorrow begins the Pentecost novena, which is often all about growing to trust the Holy Spirit before He pushes your swing harder.

    Pray with all your heart the Pentecost novena. Make a Donation. Search: PM Catholic Sites.